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Ford Transit CRL Bunk Pill Window Trim Ring w/ Storage Cubbies


Regular price$199.00

Revolutionize Your Van Conversion with GoCode Overland's CRL Bunk Pill Window Trim Ring w/ Storage Cubbies

Elevate your van conversion experience with the expert collaboration between GoCode Overland and AVC Rig. Introducing the CRL Bunk Pill Window Trim Ring designed specifically for 10" x 33" Bunk windows, this kit is a game-changer for builders and DIYers looking to streamline their projects.

  • AVC Rig Partnership: Crafted in collaboration with AVC Rig, these ABS Plastic window trim rings are precision-engineered for 10" x 33" Bunk windows, ensuring a seamless fit and a professional finish.
  • Time-Saving Solution: Our kits are thoughtfully designed to save you valuable time during the trim-out process. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to a hassle-free upgrade.
  • Optimal Depth: With a generous depth of 4.5", the CRL Bunk Pill Window Trim Ring provides a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, giving your van conversion a polished and spacious feel.
  • Storage Cubbies: Unleash your creativity and maximize storage with the integrated storage cubbies. Combine them effortlessly with your wall panels to create niche storage spaces, enhancing both form and function in your adventure-ready van.
  • Upholstered, Painted or Raw ABS Plastic: Choose the finish that suits your style and project needs. The CRL Bunk Pill Window Trim Ring is available both upholstered for a sleek look right out of the box or in raw ABS Plastic, providing you with the flexibility to customize to your heart's content.

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