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GoCode creates innovative products to reduce build times and maximize builder efficiency

Optimizing The Van Building Experience

As van builders, we encountered problems that when solved reduced our build times significantly. We productized those solutions to help professional van builders and DIY'ers achieve the same outcomes. Our vacuum-formed trim solutions for compound curve and transition areas in Sprinter, Promaster, and Transit vans save time while creating a repeatable, consistent, and professional finish. We have solved areas at the B pillars, over-slider, rear door trim, window trim rings, capsule trim rings, and more to allow you to reflect your artistry in more important areas of your van conversion. 

Professional Finish

B-pillar Trim Kits

Time is money, our B-pillar trim kits meet the need, and provide the best solution available for professional and DIY van builders accross the globe.

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Time Savings

Window Trim Rings

Our window trim rings provide you a clean professionally built van with the ease of a DIY van conversion product.

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Unique Solutions

Bug Wall Fast Track Kits

Keep the bugs out and the good times in with our Bug Wall Compatible B-pillar, overslider, and rear threshold trim kits.

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