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rear door trim
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d pillar for van
rear door trim for van
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Mercedes Sprinter D-Pillar Trim Kit (Rear Door Threshold)
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Mercedes Sprinter D-Pillar Trim Kit (Rear Door Threshold)
Mercedes Sprinter D-Pillar Trim Kit (Rear Door Threshold)

Mercedes Sprinter D-Pillar Trim Kit (Rear Door Threshold)


Regular price$550.00

Bug Wall Fast Track Enhancement

Take Your Van Conversion To New Heights

Tailored for the rear doors of the Mercedes Sprinter, our D-Pillar Trim Kit is the ultimate solution to enhance the threshold aesthetics in your van conversion project. This 3-piece kit ensures a seamless blend with your interior design, offering both versatility and a factory-finished look.

Get the complete look with our Full Trim Kit!


  • Perfect Fits: Our D-Pillar Trim Kit ensures a flawless fit around the rear doors, adding a touch of sophistication to your van conversion.
  • Flexible Installation: Unique flexibility! Install this 3-piece kit either before or after wall and ceiling assembly, accommodating your conversion timeline and preferences.
  • Finished Look: The trim kit is thoughtfully flanged to receive finished materials, providing a polished and refined appearance to your van interior.
  • Precision Aligned: Aligned to factory holes, ensuring a hassle-free installation process with minimal effort. No surprises, just a perfect fit.
  • Customization at Your Fingertips: Crafted from high-quality materials, this kit can be easily painted or upholstered, empowering you to personalize your van's aesthetic to match your unique style.
  • Effortless Installation: Spend less time on installation and more time enjoying your converted space. The D-Pillar Trim Kit boasts a quick, under 1-hour install, saving you valuable time.

Options to Suit Your Style:

  • Upholstery Freedom: All B-Pillars, sliders, and rear trims can be upholstered using a Marathon Tweed Fabric (Grey Heather or Black)
  • Sleek Finish: Opt for our SEM Ultra-Black painted option to eliminate shine and achieve

Install Guidance: We recommend installing our Trim Kits before the Walls and Ceiling Panels. It is possible to install them after but it will require some modifications and additional labor. See the Install Guide page for more information.

Install Video:

What's Included:

  • 3 Piece Rear D-Pillar Trim Kit
  • Necessary Additional Install Hardware

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