About Us

Mission and Philosophy
We build 7-Days-a-Week Vans to empower your “GO”

We’ve cracked the code so you can GO...
- play harder
- work smarter
- reconnect better
- search further

Vanlife for us is about reducing the friction that inhibits meaningful connections and experiences. It's hard to rationalize a van purchase if it's only going to be deployed for “hero weekends”. All of us here at GoCode appreciate the importance of functional space. We build 7-days-a-week vans. If you're not constantly feeling the urge to sneak away to your van in your own driveway to post up with a good book, play some cards with the family or take a Zoom call for work, then we've done something wrong.

Van builders are quite common. They are as differentiated as the people they are seeking to serve. We'd like to think we are producing great products but what makes us unique is our ability to communicate, iterate and evolve. We're building for today and tomorrow.

Vanlife for us is about reducing the friction that inhibits meaningful connections and experiences

Our diverse experiences include decades in building: in tech (cloud managed services and SaaS), custom cabinetry, metal fabrication and off-grid power systems. After a first DIY “spartan build” of a 170 Sprinter (AKA Nandrover) as a hybrid mobile office / bike team support vehicle / family camper in 2014, we applied our learnings to an up-fit called “Alpha” during the pandemic. After a winter of chasing storms with his oldest son in Alpha, our co-founder Josh listed Alpha on vanlifetrader.com and received an overwhelmingly positive response. After selling Alpha, he reached out to Jared and Luke in the fall of 2021 to build “Beta” at Luke’s workshop in the woods of Brown County, IN. That was the start of GoCode.

We’ve always subscribed to the idea that the best products and companies are the outcomes of founders solving problems that were personal to them. For us, it was about creating a handsome space for work and play. As we go about building for others, we are encountering all sorts of opportunities for new products that are the outcomes of solving problems for others.
Brad Meredith
(317) 742-9091
(317) 742-9091