What’s the Best Solution for the Passenger above-seat or overhead gaps in the ceiling of a mercedes sprinter?

One common challenge that van owners face is how to address the gaps in the ceiling above the passenger seats or overhead areas. These gaps, caused by the design of the B pillars, can disrupt the overall aesthetics of the custom van build. In this blog, we will explore the best solutions to tackle these gaps and create a seamless and visually appealing interior in your Mercedes Sprinter. From trim kits to audio solutions, we'll discuss options that can transform your van into a comfortable and stylish haven.


What’s the Best solution for the Passenger Above-seat or Overhead gaps in the Ceiling of a Mercedes Sprinter?


The B pillars in the Mercedes Sprinter van can create gaps in the ceiling above the passenger seats. These gaps not only detract from the overall visual appeal but can also impact insulation and soundproofing efforts. B pillar trim kits and D pillar trim kits are specially designed solutions that bridge these gaps and create a seamless transition between the pillars and the ceiling. These trim kits are made from automotive grade ABS Plastic and are custom fit for the Sprinter van as far back as 2007, ensuring a professional and polished appearance.


Check out this YouTube video from Adventure Rig Shop.


What is the best way to cover Factory Foam Blobs in the Sprinter?


These foam blobs can be covered by our sprinter van interior kits, in particular, the B pillar trim kit. If you're looking to add a touch of entertainment to your Mercedes Sprinter, consider installing a B pillar audio kit that covers these thresholds and adds sound to the back of the van. These kits not only help address the gaps in the ceiling but also provide an opportunity to upgrade your sound system. We typically use a Garmin tread Amp to link these with our 3.5” Infinity Speakers. With carefully positioned speakers integrated into the trim kits, you can enjoy high-quality audio throughout your van. Whether you're embarking on long road trips or using your Sprinter for mobile work, an audio kit can enhance the overall experience for you and your passengers.


GoCode Overland’s Mission


For those seeking a comprehensive solution that addresses the passenger above-seat or overhead gaps while also offering additional functionalities, the GoCode Overland sprinter van interior kit is worth considering. GoCode is working to innovate to save you time in your builds and be helpful to all other van builders by creating useful products that speed up your process. The trim kits seamlessly bridge the gaps while providing storage compartments for small items, eliminating wasted factory space in the van. Furthermore, GoCode Overland builds your dream custom campervans and provides service to a rental fleet called GoCode Space.


Around the Rear Door Threshold in the Mercedes Sprinter


A challenging area to cover in the van is the space around the rear doors of the van, typically these are upholstered and have some sort of bent wood finish material over them. For DIY builders and many other shops this can be t and a non-repeatable process of the build that can be streamlined by the use of our D pillar kits.


For more information read our blog on D pillar kits and the rear threshold.


Mercedes Sprinter Interior Kits:


We offer a Mercedes Sprinter interior kit which includes solutions to all factory thresholds and challenging parts of the van that do not typically get covered by wall panelingBy selecting an interior kit, you can streamline the customization process and ensure that all components work together harmoniously. Additionally, our partners at Serg Supply have customized their ceiling kits to adapt to our transitions which make DIY builds flourish. These kits not only provide a seamless and finished appearance but also optimize the use of time in your build.




The gaps above the passenger seats or overhead areas in the ceiling of a Mercedes Sprinter can be a challenge to address. However, with the right solutions, you can create a visually appealing, insulated, and functional interior. Whether you opt for B and D pillar trim kits, audio kits, or a full Mercedes Sprinter interior kit, you have the opportunity to transform your Sprinter into a comfortable and stylish space with GoCode Overland.

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