What is a B Pillar on a Van?

(B Pillar highlighted in red)

When discussing van construction and safety, one term that often arises is the "B pillar." But what exactly is a B pillar, and why is it so crucial for vans? In this blog, we will dive into the world of B pillars, exploring their role, significance, and the impact of B pillar damage. From understanding their purpose to addressing repairs and potential blind spots, we will shed light on the importance of B pillars for vans.

Defining the B Pillar: 

The B pillar is a vertical structural support located between the front and rear doors of a van. It provides essential reinforcement and stability to the vehicle's frame. In terms of appearance, it is the upright post that separates the front and rear windows when viewing the vehicle from the side. On the interior of vans, they are covered with factory foam in the corners above the driver and passenger seats. B pillars are found in all types of vehicles, including vans, sedans, SUVs, and trucks. For information on the other pillars in SUV’s, cars, and vans see our blog about B pillars and other pillars

The Role of the B Pillar in Van Safety:

  1. Structural Integrity: The B pillar acts as a load-bearing component, contributing to the overall structural integrity of the van. It helps distribute the forces generated during impacts, enhancing the vehicle's crashworthiness.
  2. Roof Support: The B pillar supports the roof structure, preventing it from collapsing during a rollover or other accidents. It ensures the safety of the occupants by maintaining the structural integrity of the cabin area.
  3. Side Impact Protection: In the event of a side collision, the B pillar provides a strong barrier to protect the occupants. It helps absorb and distribute the impact forces, reducing the risk of injury.

B Pillar Damage and Repair Costs:

B Pillar Damage: B pillar damage can occur due to collisions, vandalism, or structural stress. The impact from accidents or external forces can compromise the pillar's structural integrity, potentially affecting the van's overall safety. In many cases, it is common to see a custom campervan total after frame damage because of the expensive materials and components inside and outside of the van after impact. Repair costs for B pillar damage depend on the extent of the damage, the van's make and model, and labor expenses. It is essential to consult a trusted mechanic or workshop for accurate repair estimates. Restoring B pillar damage requires specialized skills and equipment. Expert technicians can assess the damage, determine the appropriate repair methods, and ensure the pillar is restored to its original strength.

Addressing Potential Blind Spots:

  1. A-Pillar Blind Spot: While discussing pillars, it's essential to mention the A pillar, which can create blind spots that obstruct the driver's view. Adjusting mirrors and adopting proper driving techniques can compensate for these blind spots and ensure safe maneuvering.
  2. Pillarless Vans: Certain vans, such as the Renault Kangoo and Holden Monaro, are designed with minimal pillars, offering improved visibility. Similar vehicles exist as pillarless coupes, the last being the 1978 Chrysler Newport and New Yorker hardtops.
B-Pillar Interior Challenges:

On the interior of the van, the B Pillar is not naturally a pretty surface to look at. Factory foam covers a threshold that is challenging to solve with campervan wall paneling. For more information read our blog about the importance of the B-Pillar trim for vans or check out our B Pillar transition kit products.


The B pillar plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and structural integrity of vans. Understanding its significance helps us appreciate the engineering efforts put into vehicle design and construction. If your van has suffered B pillar damage, seek professional assistance to assess the extent of the damage and perform the necessary repairs. Remember, a well-maintained B pillar ensures the protection of occupants during accidents and contributes to a safe and secure driving experience in your van.

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