Van Interior Panel Kits

When it comes to van conversions and creating a comfortable living space on the go, interior panel kits play a crucial role. An interior panel kit is what will make your Mercedes Sprinter have a custom feel. In this blog post, we'll explore the world of sprinter van interior panel kits. Additionally, we'll touch upon other key topics surrounding sprinter van panel kits such as Sprinter 4x4 vans, seating capacity, headliner shelves, weight limits, and even factory order times for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. 

The Sprinter Wall Panel Kit:

When deciding what materials, you want to use for the wall panels in your sprinter a lot of decisions must be made. Important things you might consider first are which material, how much it costs, and how long will it take me to do. It may be cheaper to build your own van, but the costs come in time investments to the project. Paneling can be intense work with plywood bamboo custom or CNC cut and installed carefully screw-by screw. Another option is to consider sprinter wall panel kits like Serg Supply’s ceiling kits. Sprinter oem wall panels and insulated Duratherm van liners provide insulation which is important to maintain the off-the-grid element to van life. Designed specifically for the iconic Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, these kits offer a convenient solution to transform your van's interior. They provide insulation, soundproofing, and a sleek finish, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of your van, and are easy to install for DIY builders. For more information on campervan wall panel kits see our blog.


(Serg Supply ceiling kit)


Where can I buy a custom Mercedes 4x4?

GoCode Overland as well as many other companies build custom camper vans to make your van life dream come true. If you're an adventurer seeking off-road capabilities, the Sprinter 4x4 is worth considering. Many custom builders offer pre-built Mercedes 4x4 Sprinters for sale. This variant of the Sprinter van is built to tackle challenging terrains, camping, or even tailgating. Whether it is used as a mobile office space, barbershop, or for long-haul journeys, the Sprinter 4x4 camper offers the reliability and versatility you need.


For those who enjoy the freedom of van life, converting a Sprinter 4x4 into a camper is an excellent choice. You can make a camper a mobile home that suits your needs or hire a builder like GoCode Overland to do it for you. The Sprinter's ample space and customizable features make it an ideal platform for transforming it into a cozy and functional camper. 

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Seating Capacity:

One of the key considerations when planning a van conversion is the seating capacity. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers various seating configurations to accommodate different needs. From the standard 2-seat setup to a 12-seat sprinter, or an even larger passenger van 15-seat configuration, the Sprinter can be tailored to match your specific requirements, whether you need a mobile office or a spacious family camper. Rental campervans often vary in seating capacity from 4-12 seats as well.

Sprinter Headliner Shelf:

Maximizing storage space is crucial in any van conversion. A Sprinter headliner shelf is a practical addition that utilizes the often-overlooked vertical space. We believe the best over cab shelf is the Shuksan Overcab shelf. Many over-cab shelves are installable in recent Sprinters. Other cab shelves like White Top work for 2006 Mercedes Sprinters. By installing a headliner shelf, you can conveniently store items such as bedding, clothing, or camping gear, keeping your living area organized and clutter-free. Near the headliner shelf are factory blobs of space that do not often complement van interior kits. We created a product to combine with Serg Supply’s previously mentioned panel kits to offer a solution to that problem at the B-Pillar transition near the headliner which serves as plastic wall panels for challenging areas in the sprinter.

Weight Limit Considerations:

The Mercedes Sprinter has specific weight capacity guidelines, including a maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The Mercedes Sprinter 3500 has a capacity of 4324 lbs (1961 kg) and they weigh 9,000-12,000 lbs. between modular kit pods and passengers, which is a pretty large weight capacity. The closer you are to the weight limit the more expenses you will run-up in diesel.

Modular Van Conversion Kits: 

Modularity is a key trend in van conversions, allowing for flexibility and adaptability. Modular van conversion kits provide prefabricated components that can be easily installed and reconfigured as needed. We offer modular van conversion kits for sale on our website. These kits offer convenience and efficiency during the conversion process and enable future modifications or upgrades without major reconstruction work.

Van Lab Kits:

If you're a DIY enthusiast looking for comprehensive solutions, Van Lab kits are an excellent choice. These kits provide a wide range of components and materials needed for van conversions, including insulation, electrical systems, paneling, and more. Van Lab kits streamline the conversion process and ensure you have everything you need to bring your vision to life.

Fivem Vehicle Templates:

For those interested in digital customization of their van's appearance, Fivem vehicle templates offer a creative solution. These templates allow you to experiment with different designs and graphics, enabling you to visualize your van's exterior look before making any permanent changes.

Mercedes Factory Order Time:

If you're considering purchasing a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van directly from the factory, it's important to be aware of the typical order times. Due to various factors, including production schedules and delivery logistics, the time it takes to receive a factory-ordered Sprinter van can vary. Consulting with your local Mercedes-Benz dealership will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on factory order times. The inside of a Sprinter 144 is twelve feet by six feet and is about six and a half feet tall. The factory Sprinter 170 is fourteen feet two inches by six feet and six and a half feet tall. You can order either Sprinter from Mercedes.


Transforming your van's interior with panel kits can elevate your van life experience. Whether you're opting for the Sprinter Wall Panel Kit or exploring modular conversion options, these kits offer versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, considering factors such as seating capacity, weight limits, and factory order times will ensure a well-informed decision-making process. So, unleash your creativity and embark on a van conversion journey that reflects your unique style and meets your specific needs.

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