The Threshold Around the Rear Door of the Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter has gained popularity as the primary choice for custom campervan builds in the US over the Ford Transit and Ram Promaster. However, like any vehicle, as we get more familiar with each van we learn that certain components require attention. One crucial area to focus on is the threshold above and around the rear door. In this blog, we will explore common issues related to the rear door of the Mercedes Sprinter, discuss potential solutions, and highlight various accessories and trim kits that can enhance your Sprinter van experience.


What Sprinter van accessories apply to the rear threshold of the van?


The threshold around the rear door of the Mercedes Sprinter can be covered with D pillar transition kits as part of our Sprinter van interior kit trims. These sync to the factory holes and create a clean factory-looking trim that can be upholstered and painted. This looks so much better than the factory threshold of the frame of the vehicle. Additionally, we plan to create solutions that trim around the threshold around the rear door windows as another trim option for your van build. It is typical to see builders upholster this space and where our product is helpful is that we provide a clear surface for upholstery and do not require you to take time sculpting to the van. This trim kit will eventually feature audio which will help differentiate your van from other builds from this pain point.

 rear threshold interior trim kit van


When exploring accessories and custom parts, consider the overall design and layout of your Sprinter, as well as your specific needs and preferences. With careful selection, you can create a personalized interior that reflects your style and maximizes the potential of your Mercedes Sprinter.


As for the exterior of the rear doors, consider adding a Rover Vans spare tire ladder rack for functionality and a rugged look to your van.



Why can’t I open my rear door from the inside?


It is possible that the central door lock mechanism is having difficulties, you have a jammed door lock, or your handle to the rear door in the Mercedes Sprinter is broken and you need a replacement. The door lock mechanism, handle, hinges, and threshold all play roles in ensuring access. Watch this YouTube video to solve this problem.



Other Rear Threshold Problems:


Sprinter rear door lock problems or dealing with a jammed rear door can be frustrating. There are several potential causes for these issues, such as debris accumulation, misalignment, or electrical problems. When your sprinter rear door won’t open, start by thoroughly inspecting the door and its surrounding components for any obstructions or signs of damage. Cleaning the door tracks and lubricating the hinges can often resolve minor issues. Sometimes the Sprinter lock actuator can be interfered luckily you can order another from Mercedes. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to consult a professional technician who specializes in Mercedes Sprinter repairs. They can diagnose the problem accurately and suggest appropriate solutions, which may include replacing the lock or realigning the door for smoother operation.


Rear Door Step Trim and More:


Consider installing a sprinter step trim, which provides a sturdy foothold when entering or exiting the vehicle. Adding a rear doorstep into the van is a highly suggested feature by our builders. Optimizing accessibility and convenience around the rear door of your Mercedes Sprinter can greatly improve your van experience. This accessory is especially helpful for those with mobility challenges or when loading and unloading cargo. Additionally, adding speakers in the rear doors as well as in the van can be unique for tailgating or camping.


Another popular enhancement is adding a spare tire mount on the rear door. By utilizing this space effectively, you free up valuable interior storage and ensure that you're prepared for unexpected tire emergencies. Various aftermarket spare tire mounts are available, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.




The threshold around the rear door of the Mercedes Sprinter is a difficult area to upholster and finish the aesthetic in your van. Whether you're dealing with a jammed door, faulty lock, or simply looking to enhance your van's capabilities, there are practical solutions available.