The Importance of B Pillar Trim for Your Van

When it comes to customizing and maintaining your van, it's crucial not to overlook the smaller details. The B-pillar trim is one element that often goes unnoticed but plays a significant role in your vehicle's aesthetics and functionality. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of B-pillar trim for your Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit, highlighting its style and functionality. First, let’s define some understanding of a B-pillar.



Van Trim Kits


B-pillar trim is a fantastic way to elevate the overall appearance of your van. Adding sleek and visually appealing accents helps break up the expanse of metal, glass, and wood, providing a more factory and finished look that matches well with the A pillar trim. Whether you're going for an office space or a sporty and adventurous vibe, our B-pillar interior van trim can significantly save time in your build and finish your van's aesthetics. It can also be altered by upholstery or a paint finish to complement your van.


What’s great about these trim kits is that they are flanged so that your campervan walls in your van conversion are easily on a plane for your finished material. This makes the process of cutting easier with the included template we offer, as well as provides a sharp edge to work from for the rest of the van.


How can I add sound to my van?

We offer a B-pillar transition trim we call “translisten”. I hope you get it… These audio speaker kits cover the factory blobs in the Sprinter and Transit and add sound in the mid-rear of the van. Taking a challenging area in the van and increasing the look and use cases of the van makes the audio trim kits a conducive trade-off for van owners. To add the sound into the v, we install a Garmin Tread Amp and 3.5” Infinity Speakers to pump up the van. These audio trim kits serve as a great B pillar trim replacement from the original factory foam. When combined with speakers on the van's rear doors, you can turn your Mercedes Sprinter into a tailgating machine.



What Builders Do Now:

Some builders solve the problem at the Sprinter B pillar by finishing the trim with upholstery, others foam around it, and some don’t even touch it. You must wrap these corners very carefully, and it can be hard to keep your material tight due to the unusual shape of the B pillar. The area is challenging and time-consuming for builders, especially for the DIY crowd. As builders, it takes us roughly a day to upholster factory structures in the van. I couldn’t imagine what that would be for a first-time van-lifer. In hopes to solve your pains, GoCode Overland has created option packages including full interior kits, slider kits, B pillar kits, D pillar kits, and comfort style variations for each product in the Mercedes Sprinter and soon will have variations for the Ford Transit.





The B pillar trim is an often overlooked but essential element for your van. Its dual purpose of enhancing style while providing protection and functionality makes it a valuable addition to any vehicle. Whether you're looking to give your van a more refined appearance, protect it from scratches and damage, or reduce wind noise, the right B-pillar van trim can fulfill your needs. So, don't underestimate the impact of this small detail, and consider upgrading your van's B-pillar trim today to enjoy the benefits it brings.