Sprinter Van Window Trim

Sprinter vans are a popular choice for campervan conversions due to their spacious interiors and versatility. When transforming a Sprinter van into a cozy and functional home on wheels, paying attention to window trim is essential. The right Sprinter van window trim not only adds a touch of elegance to your van's interior and exterior but also ensures seamless integration of windows, making your campervan stand out on the interior. In this blog, we will explore various options for Sprinter van window trim, discuss window replacement and accessories, and guide you through the process of installation.

 Sprinter Van Window Trim Options

Enhancing the appearance of your Sprinter van's windows can be achieved through various window trim options. Some popular choices include:

  1. Sprinter Rear Pillar Trim: The rear pillar threshold trim kits are designed to cover and enhance the area around the rear doors and windows. It provides a polished look and covers any imperfections around the window openings like the factory holes. To read more about our rear threshold kits check out our blog here.
  2. Vinyl Window Trim: Vinyl window trim offers a durable and weather-resistant option for your Sprinter van. It is available in different colors and styles, allowing you to customize the look according to your preference. Here is our solution to trimming out windows.
  3. Flat Plastic Trim Molding: This type of trim molding is commonly used for windows and provides a clean and sleek finish.

 Mercedes Sprinter Small Side Windows and Rear Windows

Mercedes Sprinter vans often come with small side and rear windows. Enhancing these windows with the right trim can significantly improve the overall aesthetics of your campervan. Consider using custom-designed trim pieces or universal window trim kits specifically made for Sprinter vans. We are in the production of trim rings for CRL bunk windows as well as smaller AMA window trim rings. For now, we typically use Trim Lok.

 Window Replacement for Mercedes Sprinter

If your Sprinter van's windows are damaged or you're looking to upgrade them, window replacement is a viable option. You can replace windows with new ones, including sliding windows for added ventilation. It is advisable to seek professional assistance or purchase windows from reputable sources to ensure a proper fit and installation. Van builders like us should be able to help with this.

 Where Can I find Good Step Trim and Extensions

Adding step trim and extensions to your Sprinter van can enhance the functionality and accessibility of the vehicle. Step trim provides a secure platform when entering or exiting the van, while extensions offer extra support for your feet. Flatline Van Co. offers a great step extension for the inside of your van.

 Interior Window Trim Kit for Sprinter Vans

To create a well-finished interior, using an interior window trim kit is a convenient and efficient option. These kits often include pre-cut pieces that are easy to install and help achieve a polished look inside your campervan.

What Material Should I Make the Window Trim for my Van?

When selecting materials for Sprinter van window trim, consider factors such as durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Vinyl, plastic, and metal are commonly used materials for window trim, each with its unique benefits.

 How to Install Windows in a Camper Van

Converting a panel van into a campervan involves adding windows to introduce natural light and ventilation. While this process can be challenging, professional conversion companies or specialized services can help you install windows securely and efficiently. For more information on van window installs read our blog here.

 Campervan Wall Panels and Window Openings

When installing windows in your campervan, it's essential to consider the surrounding wall panels and window openings. Properly fitting and sealing windows will prevent leaks and ensure a comfortable interior. For more information on Campervan Wall panels read our blog here.



Sprinter van window trim is a crucial element in creating a stylish and functional campervan. From enhancing small side and rear windows with custom trim to choosing the right materials for window trim, attention to detail can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your Sprinter van. Additionally, installing windows properly and accessorizing with step trims and extensions can elevate your campervan's functionality and comfort. With a wide range of options and accessories available, you can design your dream campervan interior that combines style, convenience, and durability. So, embrace your creativity, invest in quality window trim, and embark on your journey to transform your Sprinter van into a home on wheels!