Sprinter Van Interior Trim

Transforming your Sprinter van into a comfortable and functional space requires consideration of its interior features. From trim to storage accessories, each element plays a role in optimizing your van life experience. In this blog, we will explore the significance of Sprinter van interior trim and delve into various accessories and upgrades that can elevate your van's interior. Whether you're a van life enthusiast, a professional van builder, or simply looking to upgrade your cargo or passenger van, this guide has you covered.


What is the importance of Sprinter van interior trim, and how does it contribute to the overall appeal of the van?


Sprinter van interior trim holds importance as it finishes tough-to-fill spaces in the van and has the potential to add audio to the rear of your van. Adding trim kits like our B pillar kits and full interior kits, allows you to tackle challenging spots for DIY builds or for customer full conversion builds while staying custom in the areas that are important to the van. Sprinter van interior accessories allow customization that acts as finishing touches in your van conversion. From material choices to upholstery, there are countless options available to manage the trim of your Sprinter.


These kits allow for different plywood thicknesses and can be supported with various ceilings and wall thicknesses because of their flanges that create a flat plane for the builder.


best way to upholster factory foam in Sprinter 

What are some essential storage accessories for Sprinter vans, and how can they optimize space utilization?


Sprinter van storage accessories, like over cab racks and cabinetry, are key to maintaining a well-organized and clutter-free interior. Overhead storage systems, make effective use of the space above the driver's cabin, providing additional storage for bedding, clothing, or equipment. Luxury sprinter van accessories like tire Rover Vans Ski Locker, or pop top sleepers allow you to create your van as you see fit. Near the sliding door, Flatline Van Co offers a step extension that creates storage opportunities in the van. There are unlimited methods for creating storage accessories for camping or day-to-day living.


How can a custom Sprinter van cater to individual preferences and needs?

Van conversion companies like GoCode (us) specialize in turning visions into reality, offering expertise in designing and building custom Sprinter vans. Customizing your Sprinter van allows you to tailor it to your unique requirements and desired van life experience. Whether you're seeking a cozy camper van or a mobile office, we van builders can bring your ideas to life. It’s best to work with Sprinter van outfitters and conversion companies if your goal is to have.a perfect van on your first try.


Custom van life vans go for sale all the time from GoCode, other builders, and previous owners. This makes sense because a typical DIY build can cost $100,000-$150,000 and countless hours of time. DIY or Full custom tall van conversions are the most popular. Full custom builds with builders can be similar and more in cost depending on what components of the van are important to you. You could also buy used custom Sprinter vans for sale online through popular websites like WeSellSprinters. Used campervans are best purchased by someone you know so that you can determine the shape the previous users left it in and determine if you could see yourself sleeping and living out of it.


If you decide to take this mission on your own Sprinter 4 x 4 conversion kits and passenger van conversion kits are available to make the process, go smoothly. One thought of low hanging fruit to consider, sliding door track enhancements, particularly in sleek black, add a stylish touch to your van's exterior. They match well with the Sprinter black emblem on the rear of the van.


What features do Mercedes Sprinter race van conversion kits offer for motorsport enthusiasts?


Mercedes Sprinter race van conversion kits are specifically designed to cater to the needs of racing teams and individuals participating in motorsport events. These kits provide functional and comfortable bases that serve as mobile pit stops and living spaces. Features typically include storage compartments for tools and equipment, workbenches, sleeping quarters, and even mini kitchens. With a race van conversion kit, motorsport enthusiasts can enjoy the convenience of a well-equipped space that supports their passion.


Sprinters are often used for many different use cases. Other examples include sprinter campervan conversion kits and cargo van conversion kits. I will cover some details on cargo van capacities later in this blog.

How do I upgrade or add Sprinter van seats to my van?

You can upgrade seating capacities by purchasing JMG captain’s chairs and installing them into your van. There are various options available specifically designed for Sprinter vans and Mercedes Sprinter front seats that offer superior support and ergonomic design. Upgraded seats enhance the overall driving and riding experience and allow for more legal passengers in the van. Seats can be the most expensive part of your van build and could be the most expensive product that after-market van building companies make. Additionally, a reliable Sprinter parts catalog is essential for sourcing high-quality components when upgrading or modifying your van's interior. Catalogs can be found on builders websites or at large van part companies like The Van Mart.


JMG Captain chair seats in cargo van 

How many miles per gallon does a 12-passenger Mercedes Sprinter get?

On average, a 12-passenger Sprinter van can achieve between 16 to 20 miles per gallon (MPG). The fuel efficiency of a 12-passenger Mercedes Sprinter van can vary depending on several factors, including engine type, driving conditions, and load. However, it's important to note that individual mileage may differ.

What is the height of a Mercedes Sprinter van?

In general, the standard roof height for a Mercedes Sprinter van is around 2.524 meters (99.4 inches). The height of a Mercedes Sprinter van can vary depending on the specific model and rooftop accessories like air conditioning. There are also options for high roof and super high roof models, which provide increased interior height for enhanced comfort and spaciousness.

What is the weight limit of a cargo Sprinter van in kilograms?

As a general guideline, Sprinter vans typically have a weight limit ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 kilograms (6,614 to 11,023 pounds), considering both the vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and the payload capacity. The weight limit of a Sprinter van depends on its specific model, configuration, and country regulations. This and height considerations are important when considering what Sprinter is an agile off-road vehicle versus a slow and steady camper.



Elevating your Sprinter van's interior through stylish trim and functional accessories is a key step towards creating a comfortable and personalized van life experience. From optimizing storage space to customizing seating and components, every detail contributes to the overall appeal and functionality of your van. Whether you're embarking on adventurous journeys or building a mobile business, investing in your Sprinter van's interior is a rewarding endeavor that enhances both aesthetics and comfort. Embrace the freedom of van life and make your Sprinter van truly your own.

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