Sprinter Sliding Door Panel Removal

When it comes to owning a Sprinter van, one of the key aspects that many enthusiasts focus on is the sliding door panel. The sliding door serves as a vital entry point to the van's interior, and having a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing door panel can greatly enhance the overall functionality and style of your Sprinter. In this blog post, we will explore various aspects of the Sprinter sliding door panel, including common problems, replacement options, and ways to customize and upgrade this important component of your van.


Before we delve into the specifics of the sliding door panel, let's take a moment to appreciate the versatility and quality of the Sprinter van itself. Manufactured by Mercedes, the Sprinter is renowned for its reliability, spaciousness, and excellent performance. Whether you use it for commercial purposes, as a camper van, or as a recreational vehicle, maintaining and upgrading its components is essential for maximizing its potential.


How can I remove the sliding door panel in the Mercedes Sprinter?

The sliding door panels can be removed by prying the push-pull clips in the factory panel. Once these clips are removed you can pop out the sliding door panel and access the sliding door mechanism or work on wiring for your van conversion. Make sure to keep the clips in case you decide to add the panels back on.


How do I cover the factory space above the sliding door in my Mercedes Sprinter? 

To learn more about the sliding door panel or how to cover the sliding door space in your van check out our solution here. We created a transition trim kit for the sliding door that covers that space perfectly. 

 sliding door trim kit for van

Over time, you may encounter door lock problems or issues with the door roller. If your door lock is malfunctioning or difficult to operate, it's important to address the problem promptly. Consult your Sprinter van's manual or seek professional assistance to diagnose and resolve any door lock-related issues. Similarly, if the door roller is worn out or damaged, consider replacing it with a high-quality replacement part to ensure smooth operation of the sliding door.


If your sliding door panel is damaged or you simply want to upgrade its appearance, there are several replacement options available. You can find OEM door panels designed specifically for the Sprinter van, ensuring a perfect fit and consistent quality. Additionally, there are options that offer unique designs and customization possibilities. For example, we finish that area with custom bamboo panels.


The sliding door panel is a great canvas for customization and personalization. Depending on your needs and style preferences, you can opt for a door extension kit, like Flatline Van Co’s step extension, to provide additional space and functionality. Moreover, you can explore camper van interior panels designed specifically for Sprinter conversions, allowing you to transform your van into a comfortable and stylish living space. From wall panels to step trims, there are numerous options available to create a customized interior that suits your specific requirements.

Removing and installing rear door panels: In addition to the sliding door, the rear doors of your Sprinter van also play a crucial role. If you're looking to modify or repair the rear door panels, it's important to understand the removal process. Consult your vehicle's manual or seek professional guidance to ensure a smooth removal and installation process. Consider exploring options such as Sprinter rear door panel kits or even compatible panels from other van models like the Transit for added versatility.


How can I finish the interior of my Sprinter van?

Apart from the sliding door panel, the overall interior of your Sprinter van is equally important. To maintain its quality and durability, consider investing in a Sprinter van interior panel kit. These kits often include various components, such as wall panels, step trims, and other accessories, allowing you to refresh the interior appearance and improve functionality. Additionally, our interior OEM B pillar trim kits tie in well with wall and ceiling kits like Serg Supply.

Upgrading with Mercedes Sprinter parts: As a Mercedes vehicle, the Sprinter van benefits from a wide range of genuine Mercedes Sprinter parts. Whether you're looking to enhance comfort with a Mercedes Sprinter comfort package or you need to replace specific components, choosing original parts ensures compatibility and reliability. Consider exploring the extensive selection of Mercedes Sprinter RV parts to find the perfect additions for your van.

In conclusion, the Sprinter sliding door panel is a significant component of your van that deserves attention and care. By addressing common problems, considering replacement options, and exploring customization and conversion possibilities, you can elevate the functionality and style of your Sprinter van. Additionally, maintaining the overall interior of your van with interior panel kits and utilizing genuine Mercedes Sprinter parts will contribute to the longevity and enjoyment of your Sprinter ownership experience. Embrace the possibilities and make your Sprinter van truly your own!