Meet Janis Van Joplin.

Meet Janis Van Joplin.

Doers Wanted

Not able to fund your VanLife as an influencer? Not a single tech blogger? That’s totally fine as this rig is built for the mobile professional looking to blur the lines between work and play. Equipped with Starlink internet, a 30” Samsung monitor, an office in the back, and plenty of off-grid energy, this van is as service-worthy Monday through Friday as it is on weekends and family vacations. This van seats 4 and sleeps four. It features a queen-sized bed in the back and a full-sized bed in front by way of a Scopema Neptune convertible bench. 


This van is built for off-grid use cases as it’s becoming increasingly hard to depend on anyone these days. The environmental system is supported by a Dometic 2000RTX 12V AC and an Espar S2 diesel-fired heater. The van’s power-plant is comprised of a Valley High Victron system with 660Ah of LifePO batteries and a 3000W inverter.  While totally unnecessary, the system can be easily expanded to 1320Ah. There are 300W of solar panels on the roof as well as 400W of deployable solar panels. The van has 50A charging via solar, shoreline while stationary, and DC-DC while driving. An on-demand pump delivers 31 gallons of fresh water capacity to the sink and spray ports. The van has 20 gallons of grey water capacity that can be dumped via Bluetooth or a rocker switch should you want to roll like the Dave Matthews tour bus. The rig has a Dometic toilet but no auxiliary black water tank because we believe anyone owning this van should have mastery of their biorhythms and/or know how to poop in the woods. The van includes an Agency6 technical shovel for the digging of the poop holes. A Dometic CFX35 fridge will chill all of your kombucha, roots, or animals you’ve harvested. An induction cooktop and portable butane burner are included. The van lacks a hot water heater as anyone interested in this vehicle probably starts their day with a cold water shower. A propane-fired Joolca hot-tap outdoor shower is included for friends and family.   

Exterior Essentials

VanCompass 4.3 Suspension with off-road, daily, and high wind modes. Black Rhino wheels. KO2 AT Tires. Single VanSpeed Capsule on the driver’s side rear for “spooning sideways” with your lover or friends you meet during your journeys.  Vannon running rails. FrontRunner rack with expedition rails so you can tie stuff down to get your van as tall as possible. 

Superfluous Accessories

We all know that all of the awesome vans out there have lots of gratuitous accessories. This van turns the night into day with a KC Gravity Pro6 50” LED light bar, KC Flex Era 4 ditch lights, and 2 x 10” LED scene lights. These lights as well as an under-hood ARB twin compressor are controlled by a Garmin PowerSwitch.  The ass-end of this van features an Owl Ladder-Tire carrier and a B2 Carrier with a Ski/Board locker. This locker can also be used to transport guns and small children but not both at the same time.  The van contains several super secret stash slots, the locations of which we can reveal at the transfer of title. 

AV Package

A Garmin Tread amp powers 4 x Alpine R-series 300W speakers. The Garmin Tread is configured to play Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin at optimal frequencies. A 30” Samsung monitor on a floating mount extends from the D pillar. 


The warm and welcoming interior finish on this van is achieved by the use of ESG materials like Richlite and carbonized bamboo. The sustainable nature of the interior contrasts nicely with the 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel that struggles to achieve 16mpg when pointed downwind.  

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