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With the launch of GoCode Transitions, our new van trim kit product line, we aim to empower both the aspirational DIY crowd and experienced builders to protect their unique style and aesthetic while improving efficiency and scale. Our B-Pillar + Over Door Transition Kit is just the first of a number of products that we intend to bring to market in the interest of preserving builder differentiation while enabling scale.

Before starting GoCode, my business partner and I spent a combined 40 years in tech, helping to build, scale, and exit 5 companies. Key to our success in that arena was adopting a "them versus us" mindset focused on outcomes. We've always had the most fun attaching to the most painful problems and solving those with simple, elegant solutions. It wasn't long after getting into van building that we found pain in the "transition areas" in the B-pillar corbel, over slider-door and D-pillar areas of the Sprinters we were upfitting. With respect to these problem areas, there seemed to be only two approaches available: surrender our identity as a builder to a full conversion kit from a national provider or CNC and "craft" our way to a 100% bespoke build. The former was a non-option and the latter wouldn't allow us to scale. There was no middle ground.

We spent the holidays looking at 300+ builder Instagram pages and websites. We quickly concluded that a lot of builders also struggled with these transition areas and weren't exactly "nailing" their execution in this realm. Then we called a handful of builders to understand if they shared our "transition area" pain and identify what an ideal solution would look like for them. Our GTK product is the outcome of our own experience and those important discovery conversations with our peers.

The GoCode Transition Kit for 2019+ Sprinters consists of three pieces made from automotive grade ABS plastic that compression fit into the driver and passenger B-pillar corbels areas as well as the above slider door threshold. The entire kit installs in under 1 minute and be upholstered or painted. We deliver the system with self-tapping screws that tie the pieces right into your van's struts. All pieces have ledges that allow your firing strips and/or finished ceiling pieces to terminate right to them for a clean "on plane" look.

We're actively working on a D-pillar rear door interior trim kit that we plan to bring that solution to market early this summer. We will deliver a full kit for the Ford Transit High Roof 148 at around the same time. 

Our mission at GoCode is to enable you to build more efficiently while making your van uniquely yours. If you are a builder and have feedback or are interested in partnering, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

For more information, please check out our product overview on Instagram:

To purchase a GoCode transition kit or individual threshold pieces, please visit:

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