B Pillar in The Transit

In the world of Ford Transit vans, the B pillar provides structural support and safety but leaves an ugly blob of foam in the interior of the van. Whether you're a camper, adventurer, or business owner, understanding the B pillar's significance and exploring customization options can elevate your Transit experience. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of B pillar Transit vans, discussing essential components, and popular customization choices as well as make clear our new products planned for the B pillar transition trim kits for the Ford Transit chassis.


Where is the B Pillar in the Transit?

The B pillar in the Transit van is a vertical support structure located between the front and rear doors. It connects the roof and chassis, ensuring structural integrity and stability. The B Pillar factory blobs in the threshold above the driver and passenger seats are foam pieces installed by van manufacturers. As you attack paneling and interior kits in the van it is important to consider how to cover these challenging areas in your van build. We offer B Pillar transition kits for Transit that will go tightly over this space and give a plane to take ceiling and wall kits up to.


GoCode B pillar kits


AVC Rig Interior Kit and AVC Rig Floor:

To personalize your Transit van quickly and neatly, consider exploring customization kits like the AVC Rig Interior Kit and AVC Rig Floor. The AVC Rig Interior Kit offers pre-designed components that enhance functionality, including cabinets, bed platforms, and storage solutions. The AVC Rig Floor provides a durable, slip-resistant surface for your van's interior, making it ideal for adventurous journeys or commercial use. AVC has a relatively low cost for van builders and AVC rig’s reviews are great. AVC Rig’s roof rack, floor, and wiring kits are very advantageous for your build as well.


B Pillar Trim:

We have a 3-piece B Pillar transition kit  for the Ford Transit that will help builders move through challenging areas in their van. You can check out the Transit kit here.We are partnering with AVC Rig, Serg Supply, and Overland Van P to bring Transit interior trim kit products. These products will be made from ABS Plastic and can be upholstered or painted.


The Impact of Frame Damage:

Frame damage can significantly affect the structural integrity of a vehicle, including the B pillar. In the event of a collision or accident, it is essential to thoroughly inspect the B pillar and surrounding areas for any signs of damage. If frame damage is present, seeking professional assistance from certified technicians or authorized repair centers is your next step. They can evaluate the extent of the damage and perform necessary repairs to restore the structural integrity and safety of the B pillar.


For more information on B pillars, differences in pillars, and frame damage see our blog.




The B pillar in the Transit van plays a vital role in ensuring structural support, safety, and customization possibilities. Keep an eye on our website to see updates on Transit products including trim kits and eventual audio capabilities.